Newfoundland Wedding Elopement

When I received an email from Alessandra and Andrew asking if Hugh ( and I would like to join them on their secret Newfoundland wedding elopement, I was over the moon excited, an East coast wedding had been on my bucketlist for the longest time and I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to document one! The day consisted of an incredible exchange of vows and picnic at the most eastern point of North America, sharing beers and stories with new friends at a local kitchen party, a few of the locals surprising Alessandra and Andrew with a song dedication from the band for a “first dance”, and the most amazing bouquet toss into the Ocean at the end of the day! Alessandra took some time on her flight home to write about her elopement experience:

“Whenever I thought of my wedding, it was always something big. Big family, big dress, big party. And then I got older, found a partner who I adore, and suddenly a wedding for us started to look more daunting than magical, especially when the main descriptor always seemed to be “big budget.” We used to talk about our future wedding all the time. Imagine we did this? Imagine we had that? There are infinite possibilities and gorgeous Pinterestable ideas out there, but when the time came when we knew we actually wanted to get married (and pay for it all ourselves) our version of events were quickly stripped to the bare essentials of what really mattered to us.   Somehow limiting our options by choosing to elope ended up opening a whole new world of possibilities for our day.

We chose Newfoundland because neither of us had ever been and it seemed both exotic and familiar at the same time. Our day came down to a handful of simple pleasures: sharing coffee in the morning, a dress that blows in the wind, a timeless suit, local craft beer to toast with, dinner at our favourite spot, and a view of the ocean for our vows. It sounds easy, but it still took a lot of research and planning. The trick was to have a loose plan for the day, but stay open as well. The ability to be spontaneous lead to our impromptu first dance: a serenade of the St John’s Waltz by an adorable Newfoundland folk band, in the middle of a brewery kitchen party! The freedom of location was amazing, as Newfoundland is so full of places to explore. Having a picnic lunch at the top of Cape Spear after the ceremony was a highlight. Saying our vows alone on the edge of a cliff felt especially timeless, it could have been 1815 not 2015, and I know we both felt the true importance of the promises we made to one another.

Choosing Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker to follow us around all day was a no-brainer. Since we were running off together, capturing the day as it unfolded was necessary. We wanted to be able to show our families, not only what we did, but how it truly felt for us. Jen and Hugh are some of the most atmospheric photographers out there and a joy to be around (an important element when they are the only “guests” there!) We had every confidence that they could capture the essence our elopement.

Eloping won’t be for every bride and groom. You are, of course, trading in a traditional “big day” for something much quieter and very, very intimate. It forces you to find the heart of the moment with your partner and ignore most of the frills that traditional weddings often include, but it isn’t as extreme of a decision as it sounds. We both had very supportive and understanding families, and overall, didn’t need to compromise on much. I still tossed my bouquet (in the ocean!), we danced together, we got hilarious marital advice from strangers wherever we went, and we enjoyed amazing food. We created a very special place for us in Newfoundland and were able to fully take in every second of our day together. Choosing to elope was the best decision could have made for our wedding. We came out of this experience stress-free and giddy with excitement. I cannot think of a more perfect day, or a better way to start our life together.

Dress – J.Crew (found on eBay)
Suit – Topman (found on clearance!)
Jewelry – Silver Seasons necklace and bracelet (Hi Ho Silver, Peterborough)
Shoes – Modcloth
Andrew’s shoes – Ben Sherman
Shawl – Wilfred
Locations – Shorelark By the Sea, Cape Spear, Quidi Vidi, Yellow Belly Brewery
Officiant – Jane Morgan
Photographers: Jennifer Moher Photography and Hugh Whitaker Photography

  • This is absolutely stunning and my dream type of wedding to photograph. Congrats!

  • Elsie Reid said:

    This left me breathless.... To throw tradition to the wind and bouquet to the ocean must have felt wonderful ... to have it captured but such talented people must have made it feel ten fold as such! congratulations to the couple on finding such love and the photographers for making these incredible photos.

  • Wow.... this is truly breathtaking. Amazing work!!!

  • Joe said:


  • Megan said:

    WOW! This is so beautiful! It evokes so much emotion!

  • Kelly said:

    That was beautiful. It took us on their journey and I felt every emotion asking with them. Stunning!

  • Kate brioux said:

    Simply stunning. This makes my heart smile!

  • Voymir said:

    cood job .incredible moments :)

  • Ciara shaughnessy said:

    The most gorgeous shots... Unreal. Congrats Alessandra and Andrew!

  • Bridget said:

    Just breathtaking

  • Jasmine said:

    This is my dream wedding! Being from Newfoundland, you captured everything so perfectly! Just beautiful!

  • Kacie said:

    I LOVE this so much!! Beautiful! makes me want to go there and get married!

  • Luke said:

    Smiles Ear to Ear! Simply Elated, I must say. What an honour it is to have you two walk hand in hand. I could not be more proud of you, Andrew and Alessandra. Way to rock the East Coast! Your story and excellent photographs are, to say the least, awe-inspiring.

  • Krystal said:

    I've lived in Newfoundland, practically all my life! I know we have friendly folks here, our scenery is beautiful, the culture, etc,..but I feel we often take it for granted. i have to say the way Alessandra & Andrew captured one of the biggest days of their lives, was brilliant! Congrats to you both! And thank you for shining some light on us! ❤️

  • Jen! These are so insanely beautiful! this post just brought tears to my eyes. your work keeps getting better and better. I know I've said this before but i am sooo excited for you to photograph our wedding. Much love!

  • Krista said:

    This story and these photos left me with goose bumps, absolutely amazing to celebrate your love in this intimate ceremony and beautiful locations. congratulations!

  • Talia said:

    So incredibly beautiful Jen!!

  • Talia said:

    So incredibly beautiful Jen!

  • Cathy Corbett said:

    No words to describe how beautiful this is!! You can actually feel the love between them!

  • Megan said:

    What a touching story. This is how love should feel.:-)

  • Larissa said:

    Wedding photography....done right! absolutely Stunning pictures!

  • Joan andrews said:

    Your wedding makes me proud to be a Newfoundlander ! Thankyou for sharing this precious day in pictures .your beautiful ,he's handsome and you both look so happy .May you remember your wedding when you smell the ocean, may you smile when you see the fog and may you be blessed with life's laughter forever. Love joanie

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  • miss kalie said:

    Real tears flowing as i scroll back and forth (and repeat) through the photos. Breathtaking Jen and hugh. Congratulations you beautiful babes.

  • Kelly crummell said:

    I do not know either of but I shed tears looking at your beautiful pictures. Such a refreshing take on such a special day. All about the both of you but anyone who sees these pictures will know exactly how much love there is between you both. Here us to many many happy years together.

  • Bernice McGrath said:

    You certainly captured a beautiful wedding day! Beautiful memories made for sure! I grew up here and I must say you guys certainly captured the awesomeness of this beautiful place...A person can really see the love shared between you two! Many you share many more adventures together with love and happiness!
    Thank you for sharing your special day!

  • Carol said:

    Beautiful, beautiful wedding, We eloped 52 yrs ago, I lost my husband last year after 51 yrs of marriage. Best 51 yrs of my life. Hope you both have A long & happy life together. Maybe spend your 50th anniversary in NL. Hugs.

  • Alexa Laurie said:

    Congratulations to you both, and beautiful pictures of cape spear and quidi vidi, a beautiful setting for you. If the wedding was this year, you were either very lucky with the weather, or very brave and tough with the wedding dress on the cape! We live in Newfoundland, and at the end of July this year, are still waiting for summer to come. Wishing you a long and happy life together...

  • Tina said:

    This is my home and I've vicariously lived my dream through your story. I've teared up reading it and looking at your photos has left me breathless. Congratulations to you both. God bless you for sharing.

  • Lorna said:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!! Newfoundland is pretty amazing and the moments captured here are stunning!! This is the most Perfect type of wedding!!

  • Barbara Colbourne said:

    Most beautiful, you chose well. Couldn't think of a more romantic wedding or place to hold it. Congratulations.

  • Jo-ann mAHARAJ said:

    Congratulations on such a beautiful and elegant wedding.. Your wedding definitely showed what love and marriage should be about..Each other.. I wish for you years and years of marital bliss!

  • Wanda-lee Carew said:

    Truly Beautiful! It somehow reminds me of 'the notebook' in a way; you guys kind of look like them, and look just as much in love. My husband and I got married in Jamaica, just the two of us, and wouldn't have done it any other way if given a second chance. It was just about us, and our vows, and no pretentiousness to get in the way. Best wishes to you both!

  • This is absolutely Beautiful , breathtaking , Congratulations to the happy couple . Thank you for choosing our beautiful province and it's amazing scenery for your special day .

  • Bless their hearts. May they have a long and happy life together.

  • Maxine said:

    What a beautiful love story and stunning wedding! I have lived in Newfoundland my entire life, but your stunning pictures and amazing wedding made me stop and think, and to appreciate our beautiful province even more! cheers to many, many years of health, love, and happiness!

  • Maria Hillier said:

    Jennifer, these images are so lovely! These two newlyweds (and our little island) are so lucky to have had you document their day :)

  • SANDRA said:


  • Nicole Pennell SMith said:

    I don't even know you and just by your photos I feel I was part of your special day .The tears flowed as you shared your first embrace, Kiss and Dance. the amazing natural beautiful our province has to offer ,coupled with your natural beautiful made the Ultimate fairytale wedding. Here's to a life time of happiness together.And now, this province will hold a special place in your heart as it does for me.

  • Elaine Smith said:

    beautiful and romantic!! You couldn't have picked a more beautiful place then Newfoundland to get married. May god bless you both with many many happy married years together. Good luck in the future as you begin a new life as husband and wife

  • Cathy Nurse said:

    Congratulations ❤️♥️
    May your lives together be as beautiful and intimate as your special day. The photographs are amazing. Hope you'll visit again on a anniversary and definetly with your first child to show him/her the place where it all began. A real life fairy tale.

  • Irene said:

    Thank you for letting us share in your special day...I smiled , I had tears and even felt homesick...may you have many many happy years together....

  • MARY said:

    Beautiful! Weren't a part of it but it certainly felt like we were there. The pictures brought the emotions to life! Most wonderful!!!

  • Joanna Kavanagh said:

    that is the sweetest wedding I've ever seen!! What a great idea!! So happy for you both. Congratulations!! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy Newfoundland. It is my home town. Cheers!!

  • Kent said:

    Wow ...what else is there to,say. I am from St. John's , but you really did it up right! Congrats

  • Jesika said:

    Completely amazing day, I'm covered in goosebumps!! Many Congratulations to you both!! Cheers to many years!!

    Jesika TJ Fillier
    St. John's, NL

  • Beverley said:

    Absolutely breathtaking!! I found myself tearing up because I could feel their love and emotions. I love my home, my newfoundland, thank you for allowing me to take a look at my home through your eyes. Congratulations to you both ♡

  • Terri said:

    Simply beautiful. You have truly captured the essence of our lovely province, Thank you for sharing and congratulations to Alessandra and Andrew!

  • Ruby said:

    This was amazing ..the best wedding I ever saw..god's blessing on you ..many many happy years ..

  • Sherri said:

    Simply beautiful!! Congratulations to you both!

  • Regina Healey said:

    amazing Photography, beautiful bride and handsome groom ! Marriage really made in heaven. Thank you for choosing what we believe here is a little bit of heaven on earth ! Wishing you many years of happiness together

  • Beverley said:

    Breathtaking !!!

  • Karen said:

    I was born in Newfoundland on a USN base in 1948. Left 2 years later. thank you for sharing such timeless beauty in my birthplace....a view I have seldom seen. And as a wedding coordinator, a bonus to see such joy in a wedding.

  • manijeh said:

    it is like reading a love story without any words.... stunning

  • jennifer leonard said:

    There is lots of love between those two... Congrats guys beautiful story...glad you loved Newfoundland!!

  • Patricia said:

    I think this is a wonderful idea, if more people focused on the true meaning of marriage and not the wedding maybe more of them would last. Congrats to you both, your pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy and in love. I wish you many years of bliss

  • Doreen Ryan said:

    Wow! This is Just Beautiful,Amazing & Romantic All wrapped up in One Pkg!
    I Live here in Nl
    I wish you many years of wedded bliss
    Congratulations & God Bless.

  • Vicki Jackson said:

    what an incredible way to mark the beginning of your life as husband and wife you truly and made it a personal day and shared with complete strangers although Newfoundlanders are amazing people and in most cases more life family than real family. all the best and you already have created that foundation to crawl on, walk ON AND WHEN YOU LOOK BACK THE JOURNEY WILL BE JUST AS YOU BOTH CREATED IT.. JUST FOR THE TWO OF YOU....

  • Susan said:

    Congratulations, Andrew and Alessander! What a beautiful wedding! The pictures are fantastic! My husband and I eloped in 1965! We celebrate our 50th this fall!

  • Buzzy said:

    Beautiful wedding pictures! Great pair of boots he wears.

  • Phil said:

    Hahaa, my son and I were in Cape Spear that day. At one point the photographer asked us if we could step aside while he took a photo. We also are from Ontario and were just there on vacation. Cool coincidence to stumble upon this nearly a month later. Congrats you too, you chose a lovely spot to elope.

  • Terra said:

    Speechless. I have no words !
    The photography is divine. The love story was magically told thru each breathtaking image of art, magic and love. So grateful I just got the privileges of reading the story and devilishy sneaking a peek at the intimacy between these two lovebirds. Cheers and god bless.

  • maureen said:

    Absolutely lovely. Exciting to see a couple take their celebration into their own hands. The pictures are stunning. I wish you both a long, happy, healthy life full of adventure. Seems very likely! Cheers.

  • Joseph said:

    Congratulations from one of your nltaxi drivers. Honoured to be part of the day. May many blessings come your way.

  • Glynis humber said:

    Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! heartfelt congratulations on a beautiful life of wonderful memories together. Sure looks like the beginning of your love story started off pretty well. Best wishes

  • Denise said:

    Congrats to you both...Thanks for choosing our little piece of heaven to be the backdrop to the love you share and that will continue to grow!!!!! Live Long, Love much, laugh often!!!!!!

  • Angela said:

    I could feel the love between the two of you! I am from Newfoundland.Now I live in Ontario. Thank you so much for reminding me how beautiful my home is! I adore your pictures. What a great job by the photographers! I wish the two of you much happiness! May you always carry a little bit of Newfoundland in your hearts!

  • karen and Graham norval said:

    We just came back from a 2 week vacation in newfoundland Your pictures are amazing, we were at a few of the same places people never forget their wedding day but yours will be etched in your memory more so than the rest of us beautiful couple beautiful province thanks for sharing

  • Phyllis Freake said:

    Stunning pictures....
    I'm a Newfoundlander living warmed my heart to see the happiness in the bride and the groom's faces..

    Congrats to the Alessandra and Andrew

  • Sammie said:

    OH MY STARS! This is absolutely gorgeous - and the bouquet toss in the ocean....I am in literal tears right now. Stunning!

    My mum is from Gander, NFLD - but my immediate family live in the states and I am dyinnnnng over this all! so much history. So special! Well done, and beautifully captured!

  • Florence Cumby said:

    Congrats to the both of You. What a Beautiful Bride and Groom you are .Thanks for choosing Newfoundland. ,for your wedding. may a piece of our rock always be with you in your heart as you journey through your lives together. God bless you

  • Patricia Hudson Mills said:


  • Melanie Zawerucha said:

    I stumbled across this album and your work by complete accident and I am so glad I did!
    Your work is breathtaking, I am in complete and utter awe.
    You are everything I want to be in a photographer and are an inspiration of what I hope to become,